Corporate Headshot Photography

Corporate Headshot Photography

We love shooting Corporate Headshots! And have been doing so for over a decade…..


Headshots used to be a very formal affair… generally shot on a plain, studio-style background. In recent years we have seen a shift from studio-style headshots to something a little more relaxed using natural backgrounds. We absolutely love shooting in this style…. Maybe it’s the super sharp focus on the eyes, or maybe the shallow focus and blurry backgrounds (known as a bokeh in the industry) that makes this style of photography so interesting. It may seem easy to the untrained eye, but being able to balance everyday lighting along with artificial lighting can be extremely challenging. Ambient lighting refers to Daylight, Fluorescent, Tungsten & LED to mention just a few – which all have different colour temperatures. A shot can sometimes contain one, two or all of the above ambient lights which may need to be balanced with flash. Being able to overcome these challenges whilst still getting the absolute best from each and every subject we shoot is what sets us apart from the crowd. We are extremely competent, technically minded photographers with years of experience shooting a variety of photography styles in a plethora of locations and challenging conditions.


If your company website or social media profile needs a refresh and you like the style of the Corporate Photography we provide . . .

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