Ghost Invisible Mannequin Photographers

Ghost Invisible Mannequin Clothing Photography

Ghost Mannequin Photography helps your brand showcase product’s quickly and effectively. Now classed as the main standard industry imagery for brands. Also known as invisible Ghost Mannequin Photography to represent the product as if an ‘invisible man’ is wearing the clothes. Ghost mannequin product photography shows off the clothing by looking as if worn. Ghost Mannequin Photography is very popular for many brands and retailers due to the low cost and very quick turnaround. We are the UK leaders and ensure you receive the best images.

How it works

1. Drop off/ post items

   After contacting us about your order, send your items directly to photography studio in Manchester. Once the items arrive with us, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. 

2. Time to Shoot!

   Each item is carefully prepped and steamed by our team of photographers, ready for shooting. We take extra special care in making sure your clothing looks the most complimentary and saleable as possible within 2-3 days fully completed. We also offer Next Day and Same Day services. 

3. Receive IMAGES & samples back

   Once your invoice is complete, all of your fully edited images will be uploaded and sent to you directly—ready to download and use as you please! Your items are then carefully packed away and returned to you, it’s as simple as that! 




Per Item
  • 1x Front and 1x detail image
  • Steamed and repacked
  • Images edited and re-sized
  • Quick 2-3 Day Turnaround


Per item
  • 1x Front, 1x back, 1x angled and 2x detail images
  • Prepped and Repacked
  • Images edited and re-sized
  • Quick 2-3 Day Turnaround
Extras From

£3 +

Per item
  • Renaming images
  • Watermarking images
  • Same Day service
  • Next Day service

We've shot over 50,000 ghost mannequin images

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