Model Photography for your E-commerce site has become increasingly important as the growth of new products has been increasing day by day. New start-ups are launched every day and more and more companies are putting forth their content on a daily basis which makes good product photography very important.

When you’re having a photo shoot, knowing how to have your models posing will give you a better chance of achieving the right shot easily. It will allow you to move onto the next outfit or style faster and save time and money.

Here are some of the tips on how to shoot model e-commerce photography and direct the models for showing off the products better.

  • Always keep some reference shots with you

If you want your models to achieve some specific look, you should have images handy so that you can show them to your model.

  • Direct the model’s stare using focal points

You can use different tricks to have your model look in certain directions for getting better photos. You can use your hands and ask them to direct their focus on certain objects.

  • Arm placement is the key

Arm placement is an important detail that must be considered especially when you are showing off jewellery or handbags. Taking shots from a 3/4th angle or from the side is always helpful.

  • Use hands and feet to emphasize movement

Hands and feet are often used to convey static or dynamic movement. Positioning them one in front of another or outwards will get your model a pose of walking towards the camera.

  • Match the pose with the product

The model should pose in a way to show off the product in the best possible way. If the photo shoot is about a top with a detailed print, it wouldn’t make sense if the model’s hands were covering the torso.Are you looking for a professional studio for model ecommerce photography in Manchester, London or Birmingham? Well here at Manchester Photography Studio, we have a great team of amazing photographers for your model ecommerce photography needs. You can visit our official website here for more information.

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