Corporate Headshots Photographer

Corporate Headshots Photography

Headshots used to be a very formal affair... generally shot on a plain, studio-style background. In recent years we have seen a shift from studio-style headshots to something a little more relaxed using natural backgrounds.


How it Works


    We work in a relaxed environment here at Manchester Photography Studio. So when you arrive, we will sit down on our sofas and discuss what you require from the corporate headshots. We will discuss lighting and backgrounds to add to it. Then we set it up and get you inside the photo studio and shoot. We shoot different angles, expressions to get your best natural shots. 

Once the photo shoot is complete, we will show you all thmages to choose from on the computer. We will make sure there are shots you like. Choose the amount the images you want and then they are retouched for you and sent back to you within the week. 


First impressions are everything, whether it be face to face, social media or online profiles. Headshots are more than just a picture. We do our best to make your headshots look appealing, natural to you and showcase you in the best light where ever you choose to display your headshot.




1 Hour
  • Unlimited Outfit Changes
  • 2 Finished Images
  • Sent within 7 days.
  • Studio Set up




2 Hours
  • Unlimited outfit changes
  • 8 Finished images
  • Sent within 7 days
  • Studio & Outdoor setup

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