Ghost Mannequin photography is a commonly used technique that brands and retailers often use for giving their products a 3D effect. This technique is useful when displaying products such as jeans, blazers, shirts, jackets, etc. It helps the customers imagine themselves and how they will look after wearing those garments.

Most of the times, it is impossible for any photographer to create this type of look without making use of clever image pre-processing or image compositing techniques. However, by using a ghost mannequin, you will be able to give life to your clothes without having to use any Photoshop software.

What is required to take ghost mannequin shots of clothes?

The first requirement is a ghost mannequin with removable arms and chest. It should be used to get invisible product shots of products.

  • Camera

Any professional camera will suffice. The camera should be high-end and should comply with the industry standards.

  • Studio lighting

Any good source of light is required. A continuous cool LED lamp is often recommended as it provides lighting to ensure contrast, exposure, and shadows.

  • Styling tools

Additional accessories like clips, tape, pins, etc. should be used for making sure the clothes fit tightly.

  • Your garments

Lastly, you require the clothes that you want to include in your Ghost mannequin photo shoots. They can be any type of shirts, coats, jackets, blazers, and more.

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